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Humber Celebrates International Development Week 

Feb 5-8, 2019

January 31, 2019

Join us February 5-8 2019 for a celebration of what Humber and Canadians are doing to address complex global challenges and make a difference in the world. International Development Week (IDW) 2019 is organized by Humber’s International Development Institute (IDI) with the support of The Business School. Launched in 1991 by Global Affairs Canada, the event is a Canadian tradition that recognizes our contributions to international development and encourages all Canadians to engage on global issues and initiatives.

International development is a prominent focus for Humber and a key priority in our new Internationalization Strategy (2018-2023). Hosting IDW each year is one of the ways we promote and support our ongoing commitment to global engagement while recognizing the incredible things our students, staff and faculty are accomplishing. The week-long program is a space for ideas, dialogue and knowledge sharing about development issues. It raises awareness and appreciation of the projects and programming Humber is delivering around the world and opens up new learning and engagement opportunities for the community.


Learn, share, participate

IDW 2019 runs February 5-8, featuring guest speakers, panel discussions and interactive roundtables. Events take place at both North and Lakeshore campuses, with many events open to the general public. The activities are designed to help our community better understand today’s international development issues and create pathways for everyone to put their ideas into practice and get involved.


It promises to be an exciting week of inspiration, education and global engagement. We encourage everyone to take a moment to participate and learn more about what’s happening at Humber’s International Development Institute.


Check the IDW 2019 schedule to see how you can get involved.