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Alumnus Profile | Aman Jain

Aman Jaim

May 9, 2019

Name: Aman Jain  

Program: Ontario Graduate Certificate – Marketing Management / Advertising Media Management  

Nationality: Indian


I finished my degree in India and after wanting more meaningful career experience, I decided to do my Ontario Graduate Certificate in Marketing Management at Humber College. I moved onto another certificate in Advertising Media Management and gained more specialized knowledge within marketing. What appealed to me most about Humber was its reputation and the internship component. As a Marketing Intern at the International Centre, I was responsible for designing and implementing social media strategy. My role involved creating tailored content for each social media platform, scheduling posts and measuring the performance of social media activities. My placement allowed me to gain practical Canadian work experience in my field and gave me the extra advantage I needed to grow in the workforce. 

Now I am working as a Digital Ads Platform Coordinator for Omnicom, an inter-connected global network of leading marketing communications company. I work directly with media planners on revising and maintaining digital media campaigns to improve performance and delivery. I also test creative assets for technical specifications and troubleshoot creative issues that affect implementation. 

I want future international students to know that a global education is transferable and a great addition to your current set of skills. An internship provides a great opportunity for students to go out and experience the real world and see thing through a global perspective. Transitioning into a new country can be difficult. Since Canada is a welcoming place, homesickness fades away quickly. Overall, the best ways to gain the most of our time at Humber is by getting involved on campus, networking, and having fun. Your experience here is meant to be meaningful and memorable.