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(Left) Carl Oliver, Associate Dean of Built Environment at the School of Applied Technology, tours the group around the renewable energy sustainability lab
(Middle) Linda Chao, Associate Director, International Recruitment and Market Development, Asia, explains the ways Humber connects with Indonesian students
(Right) Jennifer Wilson-Lee, Manager, International Initiatives, The Business School, guides the group through a Design Thinking visioning exercise


IDI empowers global development learners with custom training

March 21, 2019


One of the International Development Institute’s (IDI) core services is creating custom designed training programs and study tours. Practitioners, management teams, as well as students and international faculty turn to Humber’s IDI for its deep expertise in designing and delivering international development projects. Learners receive targeted instruction that develops best practices and practical skills that they can then apply to their own contexts and areas of work.

These unique programs not only demonstrate Humber’s leadership but also help advance our Internationalization Strategy and IDI’s mission to promote effective and sustainable development around the world.


Benchmarks for Science and Technology Parks in Indonesia

Recently, IDI designed and delivered a two-week applied learning program for learners from Indonesia’s Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education. The program was collaboratively delivered by the School of Applied Technology, the Business School and the Centre for Entrepreneurship and Applied Research.

With a blend of classroom theory and onsite practice, participants learned about the development and management of Science and Technology Parks. This innovative development model works to create centres of collaboration that unite local community, academia and industry. It’s a unique and emerging field and one that Humber is at the forefront of in terms of expertise and specialized knowledge.

“The training provided new models of managing innovation hubs that will be useful as a benchmark for our model in Indonesia,” offered one of the participants. IDI facilitated several meetings with Toronto area incubation centres and start-up hubs, which helped set benchmarks for Indonesian Science and Technology Parks, as well as create new research and training collaborations for Humber.


The Beyond Borders SDG challenge

Beyond Borders is a unique leadership and experiential learning program for globally-minded grade 12 students from the Upper Grand District School Board.

IDI hosted the Beyond Borders students at Humber for a discovery workshop on global development and sustainability.

The custom workshop was a team-based case study challenge. Guided by students from the International Development postgraduate program, the groups worked to understand the UN’s Sustainable Develop Goals (SDGs) and collaborate on solutions to the global issues they represent.

The unique approach prompted insightful and inspiring contributions from the Beyond Borders students and gave these future leaders a chance to explore learning and career opportunities at Humber and IDI.


Leading the way in development education

These programs are just a few examples of IDI’s custom designed training. Not only are we sharing expertise and creating impactful learning experiences, but these programs also lead to lasting partnerships and collaborations that result in new opportunities for the Humber community.


Stay tuned for updates on upcoming training sessions or visit the IDI website to learn more about their training and education programs.


Grade 12 students learn about the SDGs from Humber International Development postgraduate students
and commit to taking action to achieve them