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Student Profile | Lechelle Williams

Name: Lechelle Williams 

Program: Bachelor of Commerce- Healthcare Management 

Nationality: Vincentian 

Humber College was the only option I considered for postsecondary education because it is one of the most prestigious colleges in Canada. The programs they have are geared towards the success of all its students. I found the International Centre and its staff helped me and others solve any issues or questions we had.

My program, Bachelor of Commerce in Healthcare Management, is teaching me valuable knowledge of the business side of the healthcare industry, a rapidly growing sector. To ensure my success in my studies, I always ask questions. Whether it is emailing my professor or clarifying something in person with them, it’s the best way to learn!  

An international education and living in Toronto has given me an unforgettable experience. I have met people from diverse backgrounds and cultures. Networking and getting involved ensures your success. The college provides a lot of networking events for international students. Joining the student orientation team and becoming an FYE (First Year Experience) peer mentor has allowed me to meet amazing people and help other students adjust to college life.  

My advice to prospective students is to come to Humber! Life begins at the end of your comfort zone and attending a college with well-known academic excellence is an experience of a lifetime.