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Humber’s first ever Global Innovation Day takes place at the Barrett Centre for Technology and Innovation.


Humber hosts Kenya Benchmarking Visit & Global Innovation Day

May 31, 2019

The Kenya Education for Employment Program (KEFEP) is a Humber-led initiative created to increase employment and economic opportunities for technical and vocational students in Kenya. KEFEP is working to revitalize Kenya’s polytechnic education system by increasing capacity for skill-based and hands-on training that aligns with current industry demands. The program is funded by Global Affairs Canada through Colleges and Institutes Canada (CICan), in collaboration with Kenya’s Ministry of Education.


KEFEP Benchmarking Visit

This past month, the International Development Institute (IDI) hosted senior management and faculty from Kisumu National Polytechnic and Sigalagala National Polytechnic for a benchmarking and training visit.

The ten days were packed with training and activities focused on expanding teaching and learning practices, building industry partnerships, engaging students in applied research projects and integrating environmental sustainability and gender equality into curriculum. It was a first visit to Canada for many and an opportunity to experience Canadian indigenous culture and food while learning about the Canadian education system.

“The past ten days opened my eyes to how important it is to incorporate industry curriculum and on-site training, but also strategies to remove gender barriers for women and improve environmental sustainability,” summarized a visitor from Sigalagala National Polytechnic.


Humber’s inaugural Global Innovation Day

On May 3 Humber held its first ever Global Innovation Day for Kenyan colleagues and KEFEP partners travelling to the 2019 CICan Conference (May 5-7), as well as representatives from the industry, government and other Canadian colleges.

Hosted at the new Barrett Centre for Technology and Innovation (BCTI), the event centred on sharing expertise and opening dialogue on how creativity, innovation and academic-industry collaboration can be harnessed to enhance skills training and education for students. The day featured presentations and sessions from Humber administration and faculty as well as a tour of the BCTI facilities to see student projects in mechatronics, robotics and multimedia.

“Learning about innovative approaches to funding and touring the labs was a fantastic experience. It opened my eyes to what can be applied in Kenya,” reflected one Kenyan KEFEP partner.


Stronger partnerships towards stronger global learning

The KEFEP visit was a success on many levels, but perhaps most importantly in being able to build and strengthen our international partnerships. These occasions to help our international partners expand their knowledge and capacities always helps us grow our own capacities and create international opportunities for our community. We look forward to the next steps in the KEFEP journey.


For more details on KEFEP or how to get involved, contact Jennifer Cleary, Senior Program Officer, IDI, at or 416 675 6622 ext. 5106

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