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Rebecca Fitzgerald, Associate Director International Mobility and Partnerships,
presenting Mobile for Mobility workshop at the CCID Conference.


Learn, share, build: Humber International joins CCID 2019

February 21, 2019

The 2019 Community Colleges for International Development (CCID) Conference took place February 1-3 in San Diego.


The annual CCID Conference is where higher education professionals gather to connect, share insights and build capacities in the areas of internationalization and global education. Humber’s participation dates back many years and we’ve always been pleased to take part in the dialogue and share our international expertise. This year we hosted a roundtable on academic and internationalization integration and a workshop discussing our experiences enhancing student mobility with mobile technology.

The Humber delegation was led by Chris Whitaker, President and CEO; Gina Antonacci, Associate Vice President, Academic; Andrew Ness, Dean of International; alongside Rebecca Fitzgerald, Associate Director International Mobility and Partnerships; and Nalini Andrade, Manager International Development Institute.


A gateway for advancing global learning opportunities

CCID association members share a vision and mission to foster global perspectives, global students and global learning environments. It’s a gateway for building relationships, sharing resources, improving practices and creating new learning opportunities. The conference features practical workshops, networking opportunities, speakers and exhibits, all designed to help participants explore new ways to further their internationalization initiatives.


Bringing Humber’s success stories to the world

Humber’s interactive roundtable—Academics and Internationalization: A Collaborative Approach—showcased our unique approach to uniting academics and internationalization. It highlighted the successful partnership between Humber’s Academic Division and the International Centre. It covered many of the practical aspects we’ve worked on such as curriculum alignment, leadership engagement, professional development and the critical role of our Internationalization Strategy.

The hands-on Mobile for Mobility workshop shared learnings from our experience deploying a mobile app that helps students have better global learning experiences.

Built in partnership with iCent, the app supports students at every stage of their journey, from finding opportunities to staying connected abroad and sharing their stories and knowledge when they return. The positive audience response underlined the value of developing centralized “tools for schools” that can assist in global teaching and learning.


Taking the world back home

Associations and conferences like CCID are fantastic opportunities to collaborate with similar institutions working towards similar internationalization goals. We’re able to demonstrate our leadership with others who are advancing their own international strategies. At the same time, we’re able to learn from our peers and receive important feedback on the work we’re doing.

CCID is also a chance to continue building our global network and facilitate partnerships for collaborative teaching, learning, applied research and project work in international development. With the success of this year’s conference, the Humber delegation looks forward to bringing these new ideas and new opportunities home to share with the Humber community.