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Student Profile | Mary Glushchenko 

mary Glushchenko

December 13, 2018

Name: Mary Glushchenko 

Program: Studied Ontario Graduate Certificate International Development & currently studying Ontario Certificate Program Event Management  

Nationality: Ukranian 

Attending Humber College was a good decision that I based on a few factors. It is the largest college in Canada, it has great reviews and there are a variety of courses offered. Adjusting to Canada was easy by living in residence in my first year and by speaking to my peers and professors to learn how things are done in this country. The professors at Humber College help every student no matter if you are domestic or international and share their personal career experiences. It was useful advice because when I found myself in similar situations, I knew exactly what to do.

I gained valuable volunteer experiences through Global Medic, the Canadian Armed Forces and Canadian Red Cross. I found these experiences to be amazing opportunities to help people, get experience in my field and learn from the best. At Global Medic we sent out water purifying and hygiene kits to families in need. At the Canadian Armed Forces, I participated in a 4th Canadian division influencing activity exercise. On military grounds we played the role of an NGO and aided soldiers with the language of NGOs for future development and implementation. During my time at the Canadian Red Cross I took part in an emergency response unit training exercise playing the role an injured victim. 

Prospective students should know that an international education is always a huge bonus for any student no matter where you end up.