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Student Profile - Vashti Ramdyal | International Business Degree

Vashti Ramdyal

February 21, 2019

Name: Vashti Ramdyal 

Program: International Business Degree 

Nationality: Barbadian 


I came across a blog about Ontario colleges and read a lot of recommendations for its programs and professors and praise for their networking opportunities.  The college was also known for their ability to allow students to grow academically and prepare young professionals for the work force. 


 I chose the International Business program because of how it was carefully designed and created to meet industry requirements. My favourite part of the program is the variety of business courses. You learn about international law, marketing, accounting and logistics. You are constantly learning new skills equipping you to be more versatile for the work force.  


I love living in Canada. Toronto has so many amazing foods to try. I’ve had Korean barbeque, bubble tea, Persian and Greek foods. It’s a city full of life and people with so many things to do. Being able to celebrate all the different cultures and festivals has been a unique experience for me. FYE (First Year Experience) planned memorable celebrations including the Chinese lantern and the Diwali festival.  


Being open to people and experiences can really make your transition a lot easier.  Never be afraid to ask questions. There is no such thing as a bad question.