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Student Profile | Alice Lopes

Alice Lopes

December 6, 2018

Name: Alice Lopes

Program: Media Communications Diploma

Nationality: Brazilian

Humber College was my college of choice based on the variety of courses and opportunities to network with industry professionals. The best thing about my classes are the labs where you learn how to edit pictures, movies, and videos through Adobe programs. We also design posters and learn how to create visually informative targeted content.  To ensure my success at Humber, I built a close network with my professors and got a part-time role as a student ambassador at the International Centre. My role as an ambassador has allowed me to experience how things work in Canada as specific as formalities of e-mails to more generally the work culture. As an ambassador I’ve been able to apply these creative techniques from my classes into creating my own projects and videos in my role. Prospective students should know that Canadian life begins with a good pair of winter boots and a warm winter jacket.

During the International Education Week in November 2018, I had the opportunity to interview key Humber staff that play a pivotal role in internationalization. My experience as videographer at the International Centre and at the Athletics Centre helped me to feel more comfortable in front of the camera and transmit that to the interviewees too. Also, both experiences taught me to listen, be more considerate with other people, and recognize that each person has important stories to share.