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Sian Saria, Bachelor of Child and Youth Care

Girl standing in the fields

December 17, 2020

Name: Sian Saria                                                                                                                             Program: Bachelor of Child and Youth Care


“I think Humber has been doing their absolute best in giving us an amazing and supportive learning experience, even within the confines of our homes. I participated in the “Colour Concepts and Traditional Folk Painting” course at Parul University in India and through this program, I learned how important it is to do things that we love alongside schoolwork. I learned to look deeper into colours and art, especially folk art. To my interpretation, Traditional Indian Folk Art is an enhanced expression of their lives, their everyday environment, even the mundane!

The Madhubani traditional folk painting does not capture unique, unexpected, and out-of-this-world sights. It celebrates the mundane. It frames it in exciting colours and patterns. Thus, it has encouraged me to celebrate the mundane, to enjoy the lack of travelling and always staying at home. I love art in and of itself, but I am currently pursuing Child and Youth Care. I hope that in the application of art and the Child and Youth Care practice, I am able to bring children and youth to celebrate the normal.

I have had the privilege, since birth, to learn in an immensely multicultural environment and to celebrate diversity. I think these global opportunities provide a platform to celebrate other cultures. I would encourage other students to participate in such global opportunities to be surprised and refreshed with knowledge and insight never learnt or thought of before. It is quite a bewildering experience. The experience may not be as interactive as many may hope for it to be, but it is definitely worth it - definitely worth the extra load of work. It added a plethora of colour to my very screen-drenched week and it was refreshing. I decided to take the opportunity to enroll in an additional course at Kansai Gaidai University because I enjoyed the experience so much.”