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Alumnus Profile - Omer Imran | Business Management

Omer Imran

February 14, 2019

Name: Omer Imran 
Program:  Business Management  
Nationality: Pakistani 

When I was doing my research on Ontario colleges, Humber College stood out for its reputation as one of the most diverse colleges in Canada. The International Centre at Humber College really helped me adjust. They were always organizing trips and helped me understand the basics of opening a bank account and the best places where I can do my grocery shopping.  

I made a promise to myself after leaving home that I would actively seek to meet people outside my regular social circle and Humber helped me achieve that.  My job experience includes working as an account manager for a fortune 100 company, to my current position as a Vice President of sales and marketing for a start-up company that specializes in Microsoft services. My professors at Humber taught me to be humble and be willing to continue learning.

My advice for future students is to be courageous. Be true to yourself, your passions, and long-term goals. There is no better time in your life than now to try something different or start a new life.