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Excursion in Halong Bay

Summer Program in Vietnam 2019

October 10, 2019


Humber is committed to ensuring that global learning experiences are underpinned with academic learning outcomes and the opportunity for students to earn academic credit. This May, Humber launched a short-term collaborative program with the National Economics University (Hanoi) and the University of Economics (Ho Chi Minh City) in Vietnam. For the first time at Humber, an overseas faculty-led trip was co-taught by faculty and staff from both Humber and our partner universities. This trip was led by professors Candace Iron and Audrene Kerr-Brown from the Faculty of Liberal Arts, Sciences and Innovative Learning.


Through their journey across Vietnam, Humber students had the opportunity to step outside the Canadian classroom to experience learning first-hand in another country and culture. This unique experience consisted of morning lectures led by Humber/NEU/UEH faculty in the host cities, followed by afternoon and weekend experiential site visits and field trips guided by faculty and local experts. This experience also challenged the participants to enhance their intercultural competencies and to thrive in a new and very different environment in terms of climate, culture and lifestyle.


Interacting with partner faculty, students and local people, our faculty and students immersed themselves in a cultural fabric that was an extraordinary mix of modernity and traditions and of regional and ethnic diversity. “My trip was filled with joy and a newfound love for the Vietnamese,” recounted Nateka Miller, Humber student. “I now see Vietnam in a new light.” The program also became a learning experience for local students. Thao Nguyen, a NEU student, regarded this program as “a top-ranking and wonderful experience” where the participants learned to overcome differences in culture and language to learn, play, and discover the country together. During this short but memorable trip, true and long-lasting friendships have been nurtured between Humber and partner university students.


The program also highlighted Humber’s Internationalization Strategy by creating a mutually rich exchange of culture, ideas and expertise. “This trip was truly enriching and rewarding,” emphasized Candace Iron. “Beyond gaining valuable knowledge and skills, we learned from and collaborated with local professors.”


Humber faculty and students participating in this Summer Program in Vietnam 2019 were exceptional ambassadors for Humber. Tung Dao, Director of the International Cooperation Department and also a NEU faculty in the program, was impressed with their “contagious enthusiasm and engagement.”


Shared Vera Beletzan, Senior Dean, Faculty of Liberal Arts, Sciences and Innovative Learning, “by providing an immersive study abroad experience for our students and a professional development opportunity for faculty, and through learning and collaboration with our Vietnamese colleagues, this initiative is a great example of our internationalization goals in action.” Humber students earned a diploma general education or a degree breadth elective course upon successful completion of the program.


For more information on the Summer Program in Vietnam, visit here.


Closing ceremony at National Economic University