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Student Profile - Ashuni Patel, Bachelor of Industrial Design

November 22nd, 2018

Name: Ashuni Patel 
Program: Bachelor of Industrial Design
Nationality: Indian

Humber College provides the perfect balance of design and science for the industrial design program. My program provides hands-on skills, strong industry collaborations and practical exposure necessary for success. 

The first step I took to ensure my success at Humber was to attend academic orientation. The next step was to get to know my classmates and professors well. My professors taught me to work hard and persevere especially when it feels the hardest. My education here has allowed me to be well informed about the industry trends and knowledge. An international education is eye-opening. Through my degree, I will be able to increase my job prospects globally.

I was selected by Humber International to help design visual representations of the strategies of Humber’s second internationalization strategy as well as Humber International’s new logo.  Having been an international student at Humber for over 3 years, I appreciate the value that international education offers. It is this deep understanding of international education and what it offers to students that helped me design the icons for the new internationalization strategy. 

Each pillar and its icon represent an integral piece of Humber’s new internationalization strategy. Take pillar 3 for example - the icon is a plane with Humber’s logo traversing the globe. This icon signifies the journey thousands of students have taken to come to Humber. It exemplifies the journey and not just the end goal. The overall icon is what I am the most proud of because I believe it is a holistic representation of what it means to be an international institution. Below the globe is a hand that nurtures the world and its students. This is what Humber has done for me - it has fostered and nurtured me to be the person I am today. These symbols were created by a student who has learned new skills and experiences and is now ready to give back to their institution.

humber global logo