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Erika Ehler, alumna of Humber’s Comedy Writing and Performance program 
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Academic Pathways Pave the Way to International Success for Humber Comedy Grad

September 12, 2019


Erika Ehler, an alumna of Humber’s Comedy Writing and Performance program, stepped into the international spotlight at this year’s Edinburgh Fringe Festival and took home the prestigious Chortle Student Comedy Award. Ehler has been studying at Salford University in the UK as part of a diploma to degree pathways partnership.

Erika Ehler, a graduate of Humber Comedy Writing and Performance program, recently stepped into the international spotlight at this year’s Edinburgh Fringe Festival  and took home the prestigious Chortle Student Comedy Award for her performance.

Ehler decided to continue her comedy education at Manchester’s Salford University as part a unique pathways program. She expanded her diploma into a bachelor’s degree and embraced new learning opportunities that ultimately put her on stage impressing audiences at the Fringe.

It’s a tremendous win for Ehler and a great example of how Humber’s commitment to building global learning pathways can open doors both academically and professionally.   


Expanding learning with International exposure

Ehler made the leap to the UK after two years of studying at Humber and honing her performance skills in Toronto. Andrew Clark, program director at Faculty of Media and Creative Arts Humber College, encouraged Ehler to gain international exposure and apply to Salford University.

When it came to consider the academic pros and cons of studying abroad, Ehler said the decision to go to Salford University and add a bachelor’s degree to her two-year Humber diploma benefited her substantially. In addition to scholastic success, the international experience challenged Ehler to explore her life and pursue her career at a new level.

“Both [Humber and Salford] have helped me come closer to finding my comedic voice. I’m a more well-rounded performer having done both of them,” said Ehler. She further adds “It’s also a chance to see another part of the world. It has benefited me a lot, I’m definitely more independent now,” said Ehler.


International Pathways:

Specialized and regionally unique in terms of curriculum and programming, Humber and Salford partnership are a natural fit.

“I wish every student can do it. We’re the only program in North America that has this [partnership] and I believe it’s a great opportunity,” said Clark.

So far eight students have taken advantage of this program and all have reported great experiences. Ehler’s success will certainly be further motivation for students looking to take their education to the next level and charge their career with international experience.

“Having students go abroad, stand out and demonstrate that they’re talented; I think that is really great for Humber,” said Clark. The partnership has also helped to form a broader relationship between the two schools and an additional four departments at Humber are working towards transfer and exchange programs with Salford University.


Expanding the international learning through partnership

This is just one of the many pathways our community has created for international learning and it’s an inspiring reminder of what tremendous rewards come from thinking globally and challenging oneself to step out onto the world’s stage.

Our commitment to the international strategy is reflected in our actions. Ehler’s success story is an example of how we are creating new learning and pathways opportunities for our students.

A very big congratulation to Ehler on her outstanding achievement and Humber International wishes her the very best of luck on her journey ahead!