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Student Profile | Ashuni Patel


September 12, 2019

Name: Ashuni Patel

Program: Bachelor, Industrial Design

Nationality: India - Vadodara 

The hands-on skills, connections and partnerships Humber has with the industry is one of the highlights of the Bachelor of Industrial Design. At the end of the program, Humber hosts a thesis show and over 100 industry professionals attend the event. Students have the chance to network and show their work, which includes our final project: a year-long thesis that we get to identify a problem, conduct research, analyze, and create a well-thought solution. I was recently hired at Canadian Tire as part of the product development team as an intern. I found this job via Linkedin and presented my portfolio using the projects I created at Humber. My time at Humber College was an eye-opening experience and will be helping me to explore job opportunities globally.