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Inbound Study Abroad Student | Tonghao Yu

Tonghao Yu

January 3, 2019

Name: Tonghao Yu

Program: Crime Scene Investigations (Diploma)

Inbound Study Abroad Student, Nanjing Forest Police College, Fall 2018

How time flies! Just 3 months ago, I set foot on this land and I was afraid of everything unfamiliar. For me, it’s my first time to start an entirely new life abroad and a valuable opportunity to form comprehensive views of my future career and multiple cultures.

There is no doubt that the classes here are attractive. We can immerse ourselves and acquire knowledge and skills associated within the profession of police services. Additionally, I have gradually adapted to the teamwork assignments, challenging quizzes and even the educational patterns. I would like to express gratitude to all the professors and teaching assistants for their patience and responsibilities. Without their care, there would be many obstacles in the process.

From Nanjing to Toronto, it’s not just the movement of location, it is a fundamental change in my thought process. I find it important to be critical and open-minded. I can express my opinions confidently no matter if it's correct or not. Therefore, I can form a sound personality and feel my own individuality. Apparently, the longer I stay here, the more I can feel the unique charm of Toronto. Everyone can find their own stages. It can't be denied that living here is like embracing the whole world.

The experience here will be an irreplaceable memory in my lifetime. It’s not about being perfect. It’s about being real, independent and enjoying the moment as it is.

We are looking forward to building a much further cooperation between the Nanjing Forest Police College and Humber College.