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Humber has over 6,500 international students from 130 countries.


Helping Humber Students to Bridge Gaps Between Immigration Regulations and Academic Policies

February 27, 2020

The interplay between immigration and academic regulations is one of the unique factors that separate the educational experiences of an international student from a domestic student. To continue their studies in Canada, international students are required to comply with a set of stringent immigration-related rules and regulations.  A seemingly simple decision such as taking a break between semesters may adversely affect a student’s immigration status and future goals such as long-term employment and residency aspirations in Canada.

At Humber, we are committed to supporting our international learners by providing them with immigration-related information both through internal outreach and education. Humber International has staff members that are certified to provide immigration advising and counsel, striking a balance with their advice between academic policy and immigration requirements.


Minding the Gap – Challenges Facing International Students

Immigration-related processes are complicated and are often confusing for international students. Even if the intention of the student is not to stay in Canada after completion of their studies, they still must abide by all Canadian regulations and meet the immigration status conditions throughout their study permit.

Students that are on a study permit must meet a variety of conditions such as:

  • Demonstrate their commitment to studies and progress in the program courses
  • Be aware of permit-specific conditions relating to travel, taking leaves of absence and being able to work part-time or participate in work-integrated learning programs, which is an important consideration for Humber students
  • Maintaining minimum performance in their programs. Lower grades or switching academic programs can have negative immigration ramifications, so consulting a professional is fundamental to avoid risks to education or future immigration applications, including a possible post-graduate work permit or permanent residency


Mobilizing Resources to Support International Students

Humber International holds workshops throughout the year for students to help them stay on top of deadlines, permit conditions and academic requirements to maintain their immigration status. Ongoing communications also include the student immigration newsletter and topic-specific handouts.  Most important of all are the daily in-person consultations and advisory services provided by International Student Advisors who are also Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants (RCIC).   This regulation is required for anyone providing immigration-related advice and counsel to our students.


Maximizing Involvement and Mitigating Risks

By offering a mix of supports, we hope to help close any information gaps, help faculty and staff understand the requirements the students must meet, and provide up-to-date information on policies and procedures. International Student Advisors often work with the Program Coordinators and Associate Deans in each Faculty to discover ways to mitigate risk for the student and to minimize complications.

“International Student Advisors work with faculty to develop possible viable options to help students make informed decisions and hopefully mitigate any negative impact on their immigration status or plans while maintaining compliance with academic regulations,” said Daylce Newby, International Student Advisor.  

To learn more about immigration issues affecting international students and for additional information talk to our International Student Advisors