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Alumnus Profile | Amiirah Bibi Edoo 


January 31, 2019

Name: Amiirah Bibi Edoo 

Program: Biotechnology Diploma 

Nationality: Mauritius 


I always had a passion for science, and I was interested in pursuing a career in research and development. The Biotechnology diploma program I enrolled in provided the transferrable skills for a successful career in my field. I landed a role as a microbiologist in a research and development lab shortly after graduating. 

Humber College has good reputation and training linked to industry demands. Humber’s Biotechnology program combines lectures and eight hours of hands-on laboratory practice per week without having to go elsewhere for training. Our laboratory is equipped with the latest technologies. A diploma in biotechnology paves the way to a career in one of the many research facilities that make up the biotech industry. The biotechniques and chemical techniques courses reflect real-life applications. 

Studying abroad gave me the opportunity to experience different styles of education. Being away from my family, I learned how to be stronger and appreciate my home and family more. Regardless of where you are and which culture you are interacting with, if you are open minded and you want to learn, you can be successful. 

I learned from Humber that you need to believe in yourself. Success is pulling through when times are tough.