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Alumnus Profile - Lichuan Wen

March 28th, 2019


Name: Lichuan Wen 

Program: Multimedia Design and Development Program 

Nationality: Chinese


I did a lot of research in China when I was deciding on what colleges to apply for in Canada. Humber College’s website stood out to me the most because it was very informative and everything I required was easily accessible. I was able to tell that Humber had a very inclusive environment and that it was going to give me the practical skills for my future career. 


The Humber College community is so friendly and open-minded.  Humber is like my second home. Due to all the support that I received from them, my transition into life in Canada was less stressful. 

My program, the Multimedia Design and Development diploma, taught me graphic design, video editing, interactive animation, app and responsive website design, user experience design, and web development. All the skills I learned through my program became a strong knowledge “bank” for my job roles. It built a solid foundation in order to strengthen my work skills.  


An international education has taught me how much potential a person has to change the world through their passions. My program coordinator taught me the value of thinking about your work from a user’s experience perspective and to treat each project seriously.  


Since completing my program, I received the Inspiration Award for building accessible digital experiences from E-campus Ontario. As well, my internship that consisted of me building online courses for the Centre for Teaching and Learning at Humber College has become my full-time job.  

Prospective students should know that you need to open your heart and make friends. Everyone is shy when entering a new environment. Don’t be impatient or worried about this because it takes time. Most importantly, prioritize your studies. Ensure you are developing your time management skills because education is the most important foundation when developing your future career.