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Bringing the World to Humber! Global Summer School Returns Virtually


Humber Global Summer School Poster

March 26, 2021

Humber’s Global Summer School is back for 2021! Given the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we are offering the Global Summer School virtually from July 5 – 23, 2021.


The Virtual Global Summer School is providing curious and passionate students from around the world, in addition to faculty and educators, an opportunity to participate in experiential and innovative courses through Humber. Participants will learn alongside Humber students on relevant global issues and topical subjects, allowing for a truly multi-disciplinary and diverse learning experience. There are 10 different creative short-term courses to choose from.


A Unique and Diverse Experience for All

Humber’s Virtual Global Summer School 2021 will provide a number of personal, academic and professional benefits to participants. In addition to contemporary academic topics such as Canada's Multicultural Society, Health & Wellness Concepts, Introduction to Design, Social Media and many more, participants will also be exposed to:

  • Career-focused and experiential hands-on material taught by experienced Humber faculty and industry experts
  • A full social itinerary outside of virtual classes to meet new people, strengthen intercultural development and build community through fun
  • A global community of students and faculty through courses and social activities that will deepen understanding of social and cultural diversity


Students Unite to Build Global Community

The inaugural edition of the Global Summer School took place in 2019 and saw 159 participants take part across eight academic courses in what was a huge success. Of those participants, 84 were from Humber while the remaining 75 were visiting students and educators from more than 20 countries.

Along with the academic coursework, participants took part in organized classroom events such as community and industry visits to local non-profits and large headquarters based in Toronto. In addition, there was a full social calendar with socio-cultural trips such as a boat cruise on the Toronto Harbourfront, a day trip to Niagara Falls, rafting in the Grand River, and experiencing thrills at Canada’s Wonderland.

While in-person activities won’t be taking place this year, given the success of Humber’s virtual events over the course of the past 12 months, participants will undoubtedly be in store for an innovative and enriching global experience from home.

“This year’s Virtual Global Summer School is an incredible showcase of how internationalization continues community-building in an online environment,” said Rebecca Trautwein, Manager, Global Learning and Engagement. “Bringing non-Humber students and Humber students together creates an atmosphere of connection and global understanding, inside and outside the classroom. As work environments shift virtually, opportunities like the Virtual Global Summer School are crucial in engaging students in the transferable skills needed post-graduation.”

The 2021 Virtual Global Summer School showcases Humber’s continued commitment to its Internationalization Strategy by connecting members of the community and its partners to worldwide learning opportunities in addition to being the polytechnic institution of choice for the academically curious and creative around the world.



Registration is now open for non-Humber participants (via the GSS website) while for Humber students, it opens on April 5 through MyHumber.

For more information, you can visit: