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Ready, Set, Holidays! Humber And Other Ontario Colleges Teamed Up Over the Winter Break


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January 28, 2021


International students were kept busy during the recent winter break thanks to a collaboration between Humber College and a number of other Ontario colleges.


In partnership with Ready, Set, Holidays! Humber teamed up colleagues from a number of other colleges including Seneca, Sheridan, Centennial, and Conestoga to provide workshops meant to engage students from December 14, 2020 to January 6, 2021.


The sessions were provided through webinars and virtual sessions hosted on Zoom or Microsoft Teams by different colleges. Each session fell into one of the following categories: wellness, academic, professional, personal and intercultural.


Among the offerings included were:

  • Financial Literacy in Canada — Learning about managing money in Canada as well as establishing strong financial credit, budgeting, paying bills, and much more.
  • DCSI Indo-Canadian Virtual DJ Party — A virtual DJ party for students to connect with other students in Ontario while enjoying Indo-Canadian music.
  • Cultural Exchange: Holidays, Customs and Traditions — Discussion of holidays, customs and traditions widely celebrated in Canada as well as where international students hail from.
  • Canadian Workplace Culture — Learning about Canadian workplace culture, what it means and how to be prepared.
  • Yoga for Every Body — An online yoga class
  • Practicing Mindful Eating — Learning about the art of Mindful Eating, especially during stressful times.


This was especially beneficial for students given the current lockdown in Ontario — due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic — which started on December 26, 2020. Students arriving in Canada who were in mandatory self-quarantine also benefited from the various offerings.


Additionally, it was a great way for current as well as prospective students to meet other international students while learning about life in Canada and gaining insight from those already here.The initiative also aligns with Humber’s Internationalization Strategy by enhancing and expanding opportunities for the Humber community to contribute to, and be engaged in the internationalization of our campus and communities. In addition, Humber utilized resources to prepare students for life both at Humber and globally.


"Ready, Set, Holidays! provided a unique opportunity for international students throughout the Ontario College system to participate in various webinars related to culture, wellness, life in Canada, and more throughout the holidays,” said Amanda Koski, Manager, International Student Services.“Students who were in mandatory self-quarantine in Canada during the holidays were able to benefit from this one-of-a-kind collaborative event and keep themselves entertained."


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