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Student Profile - Ukolova Kateryna

March 6, 2020

Name: Ukolova Kateryna

Program: Ontario Graduate Certificate, Marketing

Nationality: Zaporizhzhia - Ukraine


I have always been passionate about marketing, but I studied economics back home and never got a chance to explore the subject in detail. I decided to study marketing in Canada as the educational system is hands-on and modern. I choose Humber for its impeccable reputation and high ranking among other Canadian colleges. I also like the convenient location of the Lakeshore Campus.

The Graduate Certificate in Marketing Management is hands-on and is career focused. The program covers a wide range of courses that are needed to excel in the marketing industry. In our classes, we work with recent real-world scenarios and discuss the marketing strategies of big companies such as Starbucks, Walmart, IKEA and so forth. My program also has a mandatory work placement and that is a great opportunity for me to apply the knowledge that I have gained to a real-world business environment. I am also planning to apply for a post-graduate work permit after my graduation, so I can further develop my skills and enhance my experience as a growing professional.

I enjoy the unique teaching techniques of the faculty and they all are very student focused. Humber has so many student clubs, free workshops, and a student organization IGNITE that arranges several events; I never feel bored or lonely as I never run of things to participate in.