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Your Humber learning experience begins in classroom, but your success will rely on your dedication, hard work, and some planning. We are here to help!


Time Management

  • Three Ways To Plan, Plan, Plan
  • Top 10 Time Management Tips
  • Time Management Videos

Effective Reading

  • The SQ3R Reading Method
  • The Math Equation for  More Effective Reading

Effective Note-Taking

  • Do I Really Need to Write it Down?
  • Popular Note-Taking Strategies
  • Speed Up Your Writing
  • 8 Note-Taking Tip

Class Participation

  • Raising Your Hand in Class

Evaluation Methods

  • Types of Tests
  • Types of Assignments

Group Work

  • 5 Steps to Making  Group Work - Work!
  • Download a Group Contract

Exam Tips

  • Do You Have Examophobia?
  • Study Strategies
  • Before and During the Exam
  • Exam Tips Videos

The Formula to Keeping Your Work Honest

  • Understanding  Academic Misconduct
  • Keeping it Real
  • Resources to Help