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Application Form: 
Application to Change Conditions, Extend My Stay Or Remain In Canada As A Student (IMM5709)


Designated Learning Institution #: 

  • Humber “O19376943122”
  • Guelph Humber “O19305391192”

CIC Call Centre #: 

It is important that you possess a valid study permit; a study permit gives you status in Canada. If your study permit will expire within the 90 days following the completion of your program, you should extend it because you will not receive proof of program completion for approximately five to six weeks after your final semester.

As per the June 1, 2014 regulations your permit will become invalid 90 days after the completion of your program regardless of the stated expiry date.




(Additional documents may be required):

  • Copy of your passport (include main page, any stamps, visas or markings)
  • Valid Study Permit
  • Co-Op Letter (if applying for a Co-Op Work Permit in addition to study permit)
  • Proof of available funds (bank statement); tuition fees and living expenses
  • Digital photo required for online applications


(Order through your MyHumber account):

  • Confirmation of enrolment letter
  • Official Transcript
  • Offer/Letter of acceptance to Humber



  • Go to CIC website
  • Click “Study”
  • Click “Extend your study permit” 
  • Determine how you will apply (look at processing times)
    • Online application = completing online eligibility questionnaire & creating MyCIC account
    • Paper application = downloading application package & sending package via courier company
  • Complete Application IMM 5709; depending on your computer’s operating system you may have to click on hyperlink, download the form to your computer’s desktop to open document
  • Compile supporting documents (scan documents if applying online)
  • Create MyCIC account; required for online applications; platform to upload application form & documents; check messages
  • Pay processing fee
  • Submit application for processing
  • When you receive new permit provide the International Centre with a copy




  • What would you like to do in Canada? Study
  • How long are you planning to stay in Canada? Temporarily – more than 6 months
  • What is your current country/territory of residence? If you are presently in Canada, you should select Canada. Canada
  • Family Member questions Click on hyperlink for definition of a family member
  • “Your results” page select “Study Permit (in Canada)”; if “Temporary Resident Visa’ appears as an option students who require a TRV apply for a new one AFTER they receive their new study permit 
  • Do you also want to apply for a work permit? Answer yes if you require a co-op work permit 
  • Review your answers To modify responses click on the “pencil & eraser” image
  • Studying in Canada – Your personal checklist Record your personal reference code; scroll to bottom of page for the link to the application form IMM5709, list of supporting documents and the required fee 




Create a MyCIC Account (required for online applications)

  • Create account using Sign in Partner or GC Key
    • Sign in Partner allows you to register for MyCIC account using online banking information for listed financial institutions
    • GCKey requires a user ID and password; create security questions; record this information so you do not forget
  • Enroll for your MyCIC account
  • Scroll down to“What would you like to do today?” then click on “Visitor visa, study and/or work permit”
  • On the same page you will see previous applications or the application you are currently working on 
  • The next screen will ask if you have a “Personal Checklist Code” enter the number generated when you completed the eligibility questionnaire
  • Upload documents; upload one file per category;
    • Application form IMM5709
    • Proof of means of financial support(bank statement,loan document or other proof of finances)
    • Co-op letter if requesting work permit at same time; letter issued by your academic school
    • Passport or travel document (include main page, any stamps, visas or markings); copy of previous study permit, also include copy of work permit if applicable
    • Letter of acceptance (also include confirmation of enrolment letter as well as transcript)
  • Pay processing fee
  • Submit application; you will receive a confirmation that application was sent 
  • Check your MyCIC account messages for updates related to your application


  • Download application package
  • Complete application and appropriate accompanying forms; sign and date application; make a copy for your records
  • Pay processing fee and include receipt in application package; for non-credit card payments you must order a receipt of payment IMM 5401 form and pay at a financial institutionafter April 1, 2016 only online payments will be accepted 
  • Use Canada Post Xpress Post or other courier company to track delivery of application package
  • Mail package to:

Citizenship and Immigration - Study Permit
Case Processing Centre
6212 - 55th Avenue, Unit 101
Vegreville, AB
T9C 1X5


A Study Permit is required for anyone studying in Canada for longer than six months. Since most Humber programs are one year in length, this becomes a mandatory requirement for most international students.


Processing times for study permits vary from country to country. You should allow at least one or two months of processing time but be aware that processing may take even longer in some countries.

Check study permit processing times on the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada website.

At the Canadian port of entry, please show the officer the letter of introduction you received from the embassy for your study permit. When presented with your study permit, you should check that the information listed is correct.

When you arrive at Humber, you should meet with an international student advisor before the first day of class so they can check your documents (study permit and passport), take requisite photocopies, and ensure that your documents are in order.

Extending or Changing Conditions

If you need to make changes to the conditions or length of your study permit, you may do so via the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada website.

Due to unpredictable processing times, students should check the IRCC website for current processing times 3 months prior to the expiration of their study permit.



What if my study permit expires?

  • If CIC receives your application before your current document expires you are in “implied status” which allows you to continue studying until a decision has been made
  • If you allowed your study permit to expire and did not apply for an extension before it expired you are out-of-status and must stop studying and working. You have 90 days from the time your permit expires to restore your status. You may remain in Canada until a decision is made.  

Do I need to notify Canada Immigration if I change post-secondary institutions? 
Yes. Log on to your MyCIC account; under the “What would you like to do today?” click on “Transfer from DLI#”. If the CIC website does not permit you to complete the form call the CIC Call Centre (1-888-242-2100) and notify them of your change in school. 

Can I work off-campus? 
Yes, IF it is stated on your study permit or you have one of the old off-campus work permits or authorization to work off-campus letters, visit Working While Studying. You can amend your study permit if there are no remarks made regarding off-campus work; if it states you cannot work then you must apply for a new permit. To amend:

EAP students are not eligible to work off-campus.

How do I obtain a SIN number?
Social insurance numbers are issued by Service Canada. Take passport, study permit, work permit (if necessary) and confirmation of enrolment letter: 

If I graduated from a Canadian secondary/high school can I use the same study permit? 
No. You must apply and receive a study permit for post-secondary studies before you can commence your studies. 

What do I use for proof of a medical? 
If you underwent a medical by a CIC affiliated doctor overseas upload your e-medical form if you have one or write a letter of explanation listing the date, city, country, doctor or clinic you went to. You can also call the CIC Call Centre for other options to demonstrate proof. 


What is my UCI?
UCI is your “Unique Client Identifier” or “Client ID” an 8 digit number found near the top of your study permit.

I am applying for….?
Select “An initial study permit or extension of study permit”.

What if I don’t have a family name?
If you do not have a family name on your passport enter your given name(s) in this box and leave the given name box blank.

Current country of residence “to” date?
Expiry date of your study permit.

Native language?
Your first language.

What is a designated language testing agency
IELTS, TOEFL or TEF; even if your results have expired answer “yes” if you took one of these exams.

What is my Street No.?
“Street no.” refers to “house number”.

What is a P.O. Box?
A locked box found that the Post Office that you rent.

Why is my e-mail address required?
If CIC needs to contact you often they will do so by e-mail. Use an email address you check frequently; check your junk/spam folders for messages.

What is meant by original entry date to Canada?
The first time you came to Canada; if you came to Canada prior to studying you would enter that date and place.

Where can I find my document number?
Your document number appears on the upper right hand corner of your study permit; generally it is one alpha letter followed by 9 numbers, e.g. F310234567.

What should enter for my "duration of expected study?
“From” is the date you are completing the form; “To” is the completion date of your studies + 90 days allowing you sufficient time to receive your final grades and apply for a post-graduation work permit.

How do I respond to the “Education” question?
Answer “yes”; type in Humber’s information unless you already have a degree or diploma; under “field and level of study” answer both portions of this question

If I’ve never worked what should I enter under the “employment” section?
If you have never been employed, type in that you are a student and include Humber’s information; if you are, or have been employed in the past include that information here including any employment in your home country

Do I need to complete the “Background Information” section?
This is a mandatory section. If you answer “yes” to any of the questions you need to provide an explanation.

How do I sign the application form?
If you are submitting an online application simply type your name in the signature section; for paper applications you must physically sign documents

When I validated the form a series of red boxes appeared, what do I do?
The red boxes indicate that you either have neglected to complete a field or the formatting of the answer is incorrect. Make the correction(s) and validate again and save the document. Once the system confirms the application is okay a 6th page filled with bar codes will appear, this is part of your application and needs to be submitted.


If you have further questions: attend a study permit workshop or contact an International Student Advisor.