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The Community and Industry Engagement Course

The CIE course is designed with the competitive job market in mind, where a valuable candidate’s professional knowledge is matched by their interpersonal intelligence. Through expert facilitation, you will build community, strengthen relationships with peers and expand industry networks as you develop holistic career skills that bolster your confidence and workplace capability.

Working with learners across disciplines, you will apply intercultural collaboration, foster inclusivity, and build value-centric relationships while practicing strategic problem-solving. Build self-awareness through reflection and peer feedback supports authentic risk taking and goal setting enhancing your career positioning.

Course Overview Video

Margaret Tellis - Operations Manager, International Graduate School

To learn more about the CIE course view our video.

Gain career-focused skill development

Community Engagement

Interdisciplinary collaboration

Home team support

Cooperative learning

Personal GrowthPersonal Growth

Self-Directed Modules

Flexible course design


Growth Mindset

Industry EngagementIndustry Engagement

Industry Liaisons


Equity, diversity & inclusivity in the workplace

Industry EngagementCareer Readiness

Strengths assessment

Critical thinking

Skill development

Leadership & Innovation Leadership & Innovation

Creativity workshops

Strategic problem-solving


Confidence building

What to Expect

As an IGS student, you are enrolled in the Community and Industry Engagement (CIE) course during your first semester at the IGS.  The CIE course is a valuable opportunity for you to participate in meaningful community building, strengthening relationships with peers and expanding industry networks.

Through the CIE course you will engage in career-focused skill development opportunities supporting your academic studies, work-integrated learning opportunities and career development. You will complete self-directed modules, attend community-building workshops and complete reflection tasks while collaborating with peers from a variety of disciplines to solve industry-specific real-world problems.

Building relationships, fostering inclusivity, and establishing community and industry connections are crucial to your success at Humber and beyond. With support from facilitators, you will work closely with peers across disciplines to develop industry-focused skills and mindsets such as intercultural collaboration and strategic problem-solving. Building self-awareness through personal reflection and teamwork,  you will be encouraged to take risks in authentic settings, set goals and create action plans to help you sustain meaningful careers in Canada and abroad.  

Each week you will:

  1. Complete a self-directed learning module
  2. Attend a live session where you will hear from guest speakers who will deliver workshops and talks that complement the self-directed learning module that you will be completing that week.

You can access the CIE course by logging into Blackboard. Access to the weekly live session time slots can be found in your Blackboard course. CIE Course is Hybrid now and students can book through myIGS portal.