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The ICHub is where industry, academia and students converge to drive innovation, solve business challenges, collaborate on impactful projects, and deliver excellence in training and professional development.

Need talented professionals to join your organization?

At Humber IGS our graduates benefit from state-of-the art teaching and learning in business and technology programs, at the postgraduate level. Equipped with career-ready skills in high demand, they’re ready to hit the ground running from day one!

Connect with us to tap into this talent pool.

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Need to upskill, reskill, or provide comprehensive and timely professional development opportunities to your workforce?

You can leverage our extensive continuous professional learning network with both in-person and virtual offerings that meet your organization's training and professional development needs. We offer customized training solutions as well as stackable micro-credentials to meet the needs of all professional learners.

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Have a business challenge, project, or need to find innovative solutions for your market?

We can connect you with exceptional faculty and students, working with unparalleled technology, to help you solve your most complex business challenges and support the development of innovative services and products for the market. Supported by Humber’s award-winning Research and Innovation team, you may gain from funding opportunities available to businesses. In partnership with Humber working and multidisciplinary teams of researchers, businesses can tackle challenges from different perspectives.


Want to contribute to the IGS mission and support IGS students in their transition to Canada?

There are many ways you can contribute to the IGS mission. If you’re an international alumnus or an internationally trained and educated professional working in the GTA in either business or technology field, we invite you to join the IGS Career Mentorship Program aimed at supporting IGS students to successfully transition to life and work in Canada.

We also seek opportunities for IGS students to learn from industry through speaking engagements, workshops and sharing of experiences. If you’re interested in supporting IGS students to learn more about their industry, we offer many opportunities for thought leadership.

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