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Humber FAQs

Do I need to register for classes? No. Freshmen students have their timetable developed for them; as long as your fees are paid you should be able to download your timetable before classes start.

I don’t understand my timetable? Each student has an individual timetable showing their name, student number, program, summary of courses, time, location and professor's name. If your timetable contains "COMM000" or "MATH000" this means you must do a placement test before your final timetable can be drafted.  If you don't finish this testing before classes start you might not get the best possible schedule and you might be charged a fee for starting the testing late.

Why do I have to do a placement test when I submitted my TOEFL/IELTS score with my original application? All students enrolled in a diploma program at Humber must undergo a CPT (computerized placement test) to determine their academic placement. English is a required course in order to earn your diploma and depending on your program you might also be required to do a math placement test. Sample math questions can be found here. Only students in postgraduate programs or bachelor’s degree programs are exempt from the CPT.

Can I change my timetable? It depends on a number of factors, including your program, course availability and administrative approval. The place to go to try to alter your timetable is the Records department in the Registrar's Office.

Where do I purchase my textbooks and supplies? We have an on-campus bookstore at both the North and Lakeshore campuses where program-specific materials as well as new and used books can be purchased. To complement this, there is also a textbook rental program. You can also search bulletin boards to look for used books for sale or go to the Text Centre, close to the North Campus, where they specialize in used texts for students. However, when you buy a used text you must make sure you have the right edition for your current course because they can change from year to year. Basic stationery supplies can be bought at stores like the Dollar Store or Staples.

I don't like my program can I switch to another one? It depends on whether you meet the program requirements and if there are spots still available in the program. The last day to join a course or add a new one is the 5th day of class. All the programs at Humber fill-up quickly and there's no guarantee that you can change, so you should be committed when you first sign-up to your program. Check the academic calendar for specific information regarding program availability.

What happens if I do not receive my study permit in time to attend my classes? If you have not received a decision on your study permit application, or are unable to attend classes by the fifth day of class, you must request a refund of your tuition payment by the tenth official day of the term. You will be subject to a $500 CAD administration fee. This is very important as no exceptions are made to this policy. Please see our refund policy.

What if my study permit is denied? The $500 administrative fee, will only be refunded if Canadian Immigration denies the study permit. Any request for a refund must include documented proof from Canadian Immigration that the study permit was denied and must be made before the tenth official day of the term. Please scan the visa denial letter and attach it with your e-mail request for a refund to Please see our refund policy for more information.

On-Campus Services

  • Athletics - weight room, exercise classes, intramural and varsity sports
  • Cafeteria and food outlets
  • Bookstore & computer store — the computer store offers academic priced software
  • Health Centre
  • Humber Student Federation (student government)
  • Learning resources e.g. Math Centre, Writing Centre, Accounting Centre
  • Library
  • Media Services
  • Peer tutoring
  • Much more...

Travelling to Humber

Humber has three campuses so it's essential to check your letter of acceptance to confirm at which campus your program is at.

The North Campus, is located at 205 Humber College Blvd. and is serviced by 5 different bus companies - TTC (Toronto Transit Commission), Brampton, Mississauga, York Region and GO Transit.

The Lakeshore Campus is located at 3199 Lakeshore Blvd. West and can be reached via bus and streetcar operated by the TTC.

Humber’s third campus is located in the Town of Orangeville which is located approximately 50 minutes northwest of Toronto. The local bus service is operated by Orangeville Transit.

To determine the distance from where you live to your campus, click on "View Larger Map" under your campus location.

Getting Around Humber

Obviously, each campus is different, for instance, the North and Orangeville campus sites are housed in large buildings, whereas at the Lakeshore campus a walkway separates the east and west sides of campus. Regardless, after a day or two, you should have no problem getting around any of the campuses. Click here for a map of your campus.

Once on campus, be aware that each classroom (see your timetable) or office has a unique room location. The classroom or office designation contains a combination of alpha and numeric symbols. For example, if "NO D224" appeared on your schedule, the "NO" signifies "North", the "D" means "D" wing, the "2" indicates the second floor and the "24" indicates the room number. Don't worry, it will make perfect sense very quickly.

International Centre

You should make the International Centre, Room D224 (North Campus) or Room H100A (Lakeshore Campus) your first stop on campus, remembering to bring your passport and study permit with you. 

Services include:

  • Orientation program
  • Immigration information
  • Health insurance
  • Social events (Niagara Falls, ski trips, soccer tournaments, etc.)
  • Educational workshops (e.g. Immigration, Co-op, post graduate and off-campus work permits, the Canadian Classroom, etc.)
  • Information on residence, off-campus housing and homestayAdvice related to personal, financial and academic issues
  • Stay connected to Humber’s international community by joining our Facebook page or by signing-up for a listserve at the International Centre. By joining you'll get all sorts of updates, invitations to events and lots more. 

Orientation (International Students' Welcome)

At Humber we work hard to make sure each student is successful. We offer program-specific orientation as well as orientation that's exclusively catered to international students. Attending both is a good idea as you'll get to broaden your Humber Network of friends and faculty and have a chance to win free tuition! Orientation is generally scheduled the week before classes start and more details are available on the orientation website.

The program-specific orientation is your first introduction to your faculty members, and it's here where you'll learn program specifics.

The international orientation helps to ease your transition to a new country and new school and provide an opportunity to meet people from the International Centre. Registering for this free orientation will help us better understand and meet your needs.

SRS Account (Student Record Services)

Your SRS is a multi-purpose platform where you:

  • Apply for your study photo ID by uploading a photo
  • Change your address to a local Toronto area address
  • Make fee payments
  • Download your timetable
  • Apply for lockers
  • And more...