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IRCC’s approved Designated Learning Institutions list


Business Reports

Business reports are written assignments in which students analyze a situation to uncover problems, discuss areas of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, and then apply business theories to develop a range of recommendations for improvement.
Download a Business Report PDF >

Case Study Assignments

A case study normally involves a turning point within an organization where a decision needs to be made. Cases can vary in length from one page to 40 pages and up. Students are provided relevant information allowing them to step into the shoes of the decision-maker to develop, evaluate and recommend potential solutions. Case studies can be an assignment to hand in to the instructor or as an in-class assignment where the class discusses the case study together.

Class Presentations

An individual student/group of students present findings on a subject matter or the results of a project to the instructor and fellow classmates.
Download a Class Presentation PDF >


An essay is a written assignment composed by the student to address a question or topic assigned by the instructor, usually within a set word-limit.

Download an Essay PDF >

Lab Reports

This type of evaluation is most often used in the science, technology and engineering programs. Laboratory reports are used to describe and interpret the results of an experiment that a student performed or a process that was observed.


A portfolio is a compilation of an individual’s achievements from photographs of a student's work to a culinary portfolio including recipes, menus and prepared food plates. Portfolios are used to demonstrate the development of knowledge and skills over time.

Research Papers

A research paper is usually between 10-25 pages that combines a student’s research findings and their own ideas on a course related topic. Students identify a question or take a position; through research the student collects resources to support or provide evidence to answer the question or position. The information is presented in a clear and original manner, with proper citations for all statements and facts.

Download a Research Paper PDF >


Simulations are hands-on scenarios/demonstrations that vary from a realistic flight simulator, to a role-play exercise, to a business situation reconstructed on a spreadsheet or through a computer program.