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The SQ3R Reading Method

Reading is a process that requires you to ‘make meaning’ from written words. If you are reading the words, are you always making meaning? if you ‘make meaning’ are you more likely to understand it and remember it.

Survey The Chapter
  • Read the title and subheadings as well as the introduction and summary
  • Establish the content and focus
  • Why? Gain a sense of what information will be covered and how it is organized

  • Create questions (who, what, when, where, why and how) from titles, headings and keywords on topic areas that you expect to get answers from your reading.
  • Look at the questions at the end of the chapter, and find answers for them as you read
  • Read through the text with a focus on answering the questions
  • Pay attention to words that are underlined or in bold
  • As you read, answer the questions, develop new questions
  • While reading highlight important information this will save time when preparing for tests since the key points will be apparent
  • Write notes on what you read, but put the information in your own words.
  • Re-read the parts that you are having difficulty understanding
  • After a section and/or chapter, recite what you have read and answer your questions or think about how your instructor could use this information on a test
  • Students should review the assigned chapter readings several times throughout the semester. A minimum of 4 times is recommended:
  1. As soon as you have finished reading the chapter for the first time
  2. Before each class, instructors will normally tell you what chapters need to be read ahead of time.
  3. After class along with the notes you took during class. 
  4. When studying for the test and/or final exam


The Math Equation for More Effective Reading

1 hour of class = 2-3 hours - Reading

A 2 period class = 4-6 hours - Reading and reviewing

Reading + watching TV = 0 - Does not mix

3R (Reading, Reciting, Reviewing) = Full attention

Don't wait to read the textbook just before the exam = It is too difficult to learn the material all at once