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Outline Method

Notes are organized into major topics and main ideas. It shows how ideas relate to one another and are supported by facts, examples and details.

  • Main Topic
    • Main Idea
      • Detail
      • Detail

Example Outline Method

Cornell Note System

  • The page is divided into two columns.
  • The right side is the widest column. This is where you will write your class notes (use shorter sentences and abbreviations).
  • The left-side column is narrow and should include key words, questions or cues.
  • Leave space at the bottom of the page for your summary. Complete the summary after class to provide more details to your notes.

Example Cornell Note System

Mind Maps

  • The major topic is centred on the page.
  • A main idea is positioned at the end of a line, stemming from the main topic.
  • Use keywords, phrases and symbols to explain relationships between the concepts, ideas and details.
  • While reading highlight important information this will save time when preparing for tests since the key points will be apparent.
  • Write notes on what you read, but put the information in your own words.
  • Re-read the parts that you are having difficulty understanding.

Example of a Mind Map