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We encourage all students to complete this "Fun Quiz" as a quick reminder of the information available in the virtual passport. The first 100 students who participate will receive two "Free Movie Tickets". You can pick up your tickets at the International Office when you arrive at Humber. You must be an accepted International student attending Humber College, in your first year to be eligible for the "Free Movie Tickets".

What transit (transportation) company does not service the Lakeshore campus?

Brampton Transit
GO Bus
Mississauga Transit
Toronto Transit Commission (TTC)
York Region Transit

When entering Canada I will have to declare:

how much I hate flying
how much "I love Canada"
that I am bringing in more than $10,000
that I am excited to see the Toronto Blue Jays

To open a bank account, I need to have:

my passport and study permit
proof that I am studying at Humber
money to deposit
All of the above with me

The International Centre does NOT provide me with:

assistance with permanent resident (PR) applications
support while I am studying
somewhere to meet other international students
student events

You can download your timetable, request your student ID card, check your grades and more through Humber's:

Facebook page
Google ad words
MyHumber account
Twitter feed

My health insurance included in my full-time tuition starts:

from the beginning of the semester I am enrolled in
when the first snow falls
at the beginning of hockey season
only if I play school sports

The HSF (Humber Students' Federation) insurance does NOT cover you for:

needing to see a doctor (physician visits)
prescription eyeglasses and or contact lenses
dental benefits

As a student or Humber alumni, the Career Centre offers you:

access to online job postings
job search advice
resume and cover letter assistance
networking and career events
all of the above

As an international students, you can get a Social Insurance Number (SIN) when:

you work on-campus
you change your address on Facebook to Canada
you already have a work permit
both (a) and (c)

Which is NOT an on-campus service available to students?

Peer tutoring
Shuttle service to subway station
Writing Centre
Cafeteria and food outlets

Yonge Street is the longest street in the world, here you will find:

awesome shops and boutiques
cool places for clubs, night life and entertainment
great places to eat, food from cultures all over the world
all of the above

You have to be at least:

five feet tall to go to Wonderland
16 years old to drive in Canada
19 years old to drink or purchase alcohol in Ontario
both (b) and (c)

(* = mandatory field):