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Study Permit Essentials

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Before making any assumptions about your eligibility to study at Humber – ask yourself these key questions:

  • Do you have the proper documents to study?

Often students interchange the words “visa” and “permit”. A study permit is a paper document, whereas a visa is the counterfoil or sticker affixed inside a permit. If you are enrolled in a program that is six months or more, you require a study permit.

If you were previously studying in Canada does your study permit allow you to study at a post-secondary institution, i.e. college or university? Does your study permit authorize you to study at a Designated Learning Institution? If you answered “no” to either of these questions, you must speak to an International Student Advisor as soon as possible as you require a new study permit to ensure eligibility to pursue your studies at Humber.

  • Did you convert your Letter of Introduction to a Study Permit when you arrived in Canada?

Prior to coming to Canada your embassy or the visa centre in your home country provided you with a Letter of Introduction to present when you entered Canada. Did the officer at the border convert this letter to a study permit? If you did not receive your permit then it is important that you go to the International Centre and speak with an International Student Advisor as soon as possible. Without a study permit you are not eligible to attend school.

  • Have you checked your study permit to ensure all the information is correct?

If you haven’t already done so please take a moment to check your permit for errors in name, gender, and date of birth or other conditions set on your permit.

  • Did you create a reminder in your calendar about the expiry date of your permit?

Three to four months prior to the expiry of you study permit you should make an application to extend, if required to. If you allow your status to expiry without…

  • Have you submitted a copy of your study permit to the International Centre (LRC 2nd Floor NORTH; Room H100A LAKESHORE)?

If you recently arrived in Canada, or if you are a returning student who extended their study permit please take a copy to the International Centre.

This is a good time to make a copy for yourself and save it somewhere safe. You never know when you require that backup copy, e.g. accidentally throw your permit in the laundry, misplace it or have it stolen, etc.