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Humber College at IMC University of Applied Science "Master Days" 2016

Linda Jin-Troendle, Professor and Coordinator - Global Business Management ProgramThe Business School, Humber College shares her experience in Krems, Austria

Krems Masters Days

Masters Days, a series of workshops and lectures uniting professors from all over the world. The event took place April 13-15, 2016, and one of the representatives from Canada was Linda Jin-Troendle, Professor and Coordinator - Global Business Management Program,The Business School, Humber College. Faculty and researchers from Spain, the United States,  Sweden, Finland, Singapore, France, Azerbaijan, and other countries also participated in the Masters Days.

Linda facilitated a workshop based on a case study on Volkswagen with the theme “Acting with professional integrity – what do future business leaders need to know?” After four months of preparation, she was ready to create an interactive workshop experience for 15 Krem’s Master’s students. The main theme of her session was to develop critical thinking on how future professionals can act ethically in a business environment, and how to put Social Corporate Responsibility values into practice.

This event is important for Humber, as it is a great opportunity to share Humber College’s knowledge and also learn from other professors. According to Linda, “Master Days is a global, cross-cultural event and I learned how other professors engage their students. Watching them in action was fantastic! I brought some of their knowledge back to Humber; back to my students and my classrooms.”

Linda also mentioned that Krems is very student centered and cares a lot about the learning experience, “At the end of the day it’s all about the students and how to prepare them to be global citizens. Culturally, it was wonderful to see how their culture overlaps with ours and dialogue is key to achieve that."