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Who are the Faculty at the IGS?

The IGS’s professors are faculty who teach across Humber, at the college’s North and Lakeshore campuses as well. Program Coordinators oversee programs at multiple campuses, and bring a diversity of academic and professional experience to the IGS.

Cheryl Francis in Classroom

Cheryl Francis-Nurse

Cheryl Francis-Nurse is a Professor and Program Coordinator for the Project Management program. Known for her initiative in spearheading impactful projects, Cheryl has initiated meaningful partnership and opened doors for students across Humber College. With initiatives like the Humber-PMI Toronto Agreement and the Alternative Capstone Project Framework, Cheryl has created opportunities for student to collaborate with professionals in real business settings. She champions multidisciplinary learning that builds industry-aligned and career-ready citizens. For Cheryl, “The IGS campus is an ideal vehicle to provide opportunities for experiential learning.” She was recently recognized with the Humber 2021 Distinguished Faculty Award for demonstrated leadership for demonstrated leadership in developing an effective learning environment both in and outside of the classroom.

Linda Jin-Troendle in Classroom

Linda Jin-Troendle

Linda Jin-Troendle is a Professor and Program Coordinator for the Global Business Management program. Linda’s focus is job satisfaction for Canadian college graduates, something she’s become an expert on through an MA in education from Central Michigan University; an MBA from Rotman School of Business, University of Toronto; an MSc in business research from University of Reading; and a DBA from Henley Business School, University of Reading. As a lifelong learner, Linda leads by example in the classroom. In addition to her years of academic experience, Linda exemplifies the IGS approach by bringing industry knowledge to her teaching. As a compliment to her teaching, Linda established a corporation that assisted SME’s in strategic planning, with a speciality in financial recovery. For Linda, “Engaging with motivated postgraduate Global Business Management students at the IGS has been exciting.” She knows that student success is best enriched by engaged instructors. “The IGS provides opportunities to work and learn in state-of-the-art classrooms, which encourages enthusiasm from both the professors and the students.”

Why Do Students Choose the IGS?

Alberto Hiroshi Okawa Filho

Alberto Hiroshi Okawa Filho

Alberto Hiroshi Okawa Filho came to the IGS with an Economics degree and a desire to explore the finance sector. Coming from Brazil, Alberto was drawn to the Global Business Management program’s Financial Planning stream because of Humber’s focus on employability. “The program is very helpful in terms of helping students settle into Canada, but also leaves flexibility to work for global companies that have other branches and move around,” he said. “The program has a work placement which is beneficial for international students, especially.”

Svedha Krishnaraj

Svedha Krishnaraj

Svedha Krishnaraj came to the IGS to transition from academia to the job market. She had completed an undergraduate degree in Psychology in Amsterdam and a masters in Human Resources in Madrid, and was looking for the next step to put her education into practice. The Global Business Management program’s Human Resources Management stream was the right fit. Svedha was born in India and grew up in Peru, and it helped that the student visa application process in Canada was more straightforward than in other countries that she was considering. So was the program application process at the IGS. “Humber very clearly gives you all the information: If you’re an international student looking to enter the Canadian job market, here are the things you can do.”