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International Entrance Scholarships

The scholarships are divided throughout our three semesters each year. Applications will be considered based on academics, community involvement, referee/reference letters and statement of interest. 

A link to the application form will be included with your acceptance package. The scholarships will be applied toward the successful students' tuition fees.

Scholarship Information




MAY 2017


Full Tuition   1 available NA 2 available
$5,000   1 available NA 2 available
$1,000 one-time 8 available 2 available 10 available
Application Deadline various *Sep 30, 2016 *Feb 3, 2017 *May 19, 2017

*PLEASE NOTE: Scholarship applications received after the deadline will not be considered. Please do not submit an application after the deadline. 

*Student must maintain a minimum average of 75% in order to be eligible for renewal.

The scholarship review committee is pleased to announce that all successful applicants have now been contacted via email (and courier).

We thank all students who applied, but are only able to communicate directly with the successful applicants.
Congratulations to all September 2016 International Entrance Scholarship recipients!

Bachelor's Degree Scholarships

Bachelor's Degree scholarships are available to students coming directly from high school/secondary school studies, who are non-transfer students (i.e. haven't attended college or university, or studied in Humber's EAP program), and are unlimited in quantity.

Humber awards degree scholarships automatically to graduating high school students based on academic achievement.

BA Scholarship Info




* Eligibility is based on students high school academic achievement.
** Renewable scholarships will be reissued if the student achieves 80% or above in each year of the Bachelor's degree. 

$4,000 95% or higher  
$3,500 90 - 94.9%  
$3,000 85 - 89.9%  
$2,000 80 - 84.9%  
$1,500 75 - 79.9% one time

For EAP Graduates

Graduates of Humber's English for Academic Purposes (EAP) program with a GPA of 80% or higher in Level 8, who are applying for a Humber Degree, will be eligible to receive a one-time non-renewable scholarship of $1,500.

EAP Awards

Graduates of Humber’s English for Academic Purposes (EAP) Certificate Program (Level 8) are also eligible for awards.

These awards are based on the following criteria.

  • GPA,
  • significant improvement in all areas of English language development, and
  • characteristics of respect, support, and cross-cultural communication within the Humber community.

These awards are only available to EAP graduates who have begun a diploma, degree, or postgraduate certificate program at Humber College. EAP graduates do not need to apply for these awards. Faculty nominate recipients each Fall semester, and the recipients are notified in November.

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